Michael C. James, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

One afternoon I told my wife that after another tour or two, I would be leaving the U.S. Coast Guard for a very different career. Serving my country and the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard is one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life. After serving 9 years as an Electronics Technician operating and maintaining communications and guidance systems, I knew that directly assisting and serving people is the life-giving work of my heart. I became a Social Worker and therapist because it is my greatest joy and pleasure to support you as you unify all your strengths and gifts to release your Faith, Hope, and Love into society.

I have been a Social Worker and therapist for over 5 years, and I have experience and formal training working with families, children of all ages, couples (married & unmarried), and individuals. We will begin by assessing your needs and then together formulate a plan to achieve your goals. I appreciate the opportunity to come alongside you with support as you achieve the longings of your heart.

My therapeutic approach integrates various Cognitive Behavioral, Behavioral, and Psychodynamic evidenced-based modalities. My mission is to support you and or your family’s restoration and or life advancement to the depth that you decide. For families and individuals desiring therapeutic intervention from a Christian perspective, I utilize the Gospel of Jesus Christ to assist clients in realizing the unconditional Grace, Hope, and Love available through Faith (Trust and Reliance on) in the person of Jesus. I also use the Gospel to help my clients resolve Cognitive Dissonance or Double-Mindedness. These cognitive distortions are resolved by reconciling the incongruency of one’s unhelpful Core Beliefs about themselves, others and the world with the Truth of the Gospel. In this way, my clients are empowered to receive and rest in the security of God’s never failing, never stopping, always and forever Love and Truth.

A Final Thought

As a society, we have seen and experienced the disharmony, i.e. resentment, violence, strife, etc. that come from diversity without unity. Yes, we struggle to unify the diversity that exists all around us however our greatest struggle most often comes from the disunity of the diversity within ourselves. From one perspective there are your desires, dreams, and hopes and from another your past, present, and future. Also, we cannot forget the various roles you live out as a parent, relative, employee, friend, etc. When we look at ourselves, we can see our accomplishments as well as our failures. You may be asking: Where do I go from here? How do I find Unity and PEACE in all the diversity of my life? Can I possess a sense of Acceptance and Belonging with others? …with myself? Yes, you can! Unity within the diversity of YOU is possible such that you can feel the Purpose, Security, and Connectedness of your life’s diversity working together (not against you) for your Joy and Empowerment. I have confidence in you. You can, you are able, and you will. The power is yours!


  • Florida Atlantic University Master of Social Work
  • Florida Atlantic University Bachelor of Social Work
  • Capital Seminary Master of Ministry (Graduation: 2020)
  • Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern, Florida, ISW 13328
  • Certified Recovery Residence Administrator

Previous experience with Individual, Children, Couples, Group, and Family Counseling at:

  • Renew Recovery Residences
  • Transformations Treatment Center
  • Multilingual Psychotherapy
  • The Avenue Church

(561) 629-9918

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